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Earn money daily with your mobile by reading sms |

Online money making has been became a hot topic for every bloggers and web masters. not only bloggers, most of the students are also interested in making money in order to survive and do not depend on anyone for pocket money. we generally use our mobile phones for conversations. but have you thought any time of making money with your mobile phone ? we can earn money by using our mobile phones. Today i am going to share a legit way of making money using mobile phone. we can earn money by reading sms. Today i am introducing a service called mginger to earn money by reading sms.
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What is mginger ?

Mginger is a mobile advertising company situated at banglore, india. The main work of mginger is to deliver hot deals of various products. They market various products and deliver an sms to mginger subscribers about the latest hot deals. If any one is interested in the deal of the product, they will buy it. in this way the marketers, customers and the mginger team will benegit a lot. In order to attract members to join their mginger network and sign up using their mobile phones, They started paying their members for each and every message they deliver to their members. As most of the people are interested in earning money, they will easily sign up for mginer and they will get paid for each and every sms they receive from mginger.

How often we receive sms from mginger ?

If you are situated in metro areas, then you will receive 3-5 sms daily. we cannot guarantee the regular delivery of sms from mginger because, They deliver sms about the latest deals. so they deliver sms only if there is any latest deal for any of the product. so we should not wait for sms from mginger. when ever there is a latest deal, they will automatically send an sms to their registered members. There is no work for us to do. just sign up for mginger using our mobile phone and forget about it. we will get paid when ever we receive any sms from

How much can we earn per sms ?

As mginger is a starter company growing recently, their payments are very low. They are currently paying rs 0.20/- per sms they deliver. I know this was very very low to earn money, but they are more interested in building their subscribers, so they also pay you if you refer your friends to mginger. if you refer your friend to mginger, then they will pay you rs 2/-. for every referal. and they will pay you rs 0.10/-. for every message your friend receives. If your friend had also referred a person to them, then for every message your friends friend receive you will get rs 0.05/-. So finally if you have one referal and your friend have one referal then you will get 2 rs for refering your friend and for every sms they deliver you will earn 0.20+0.10+0.05=0.35/-. As we know This is very low, but we are earning this without doing anything. for a one time sign up we are earning 0.35/- rs for every sms we receive from mginger. if you really wish to earn more money from mginger, then build more referrals.

Tip to earn more money from mginger using referrals :-

If you wish to earn more money from mginger, then you have to build more referrals to your account. for example if you have referred 100 people and those 100 people have referred 100 people each then your earnings will be as follows.
  • Earnings for refering 100 people=100*2= rs 200 /-(this is one time earnings)
  • For every sms you receive you earn 1*0.20= rs 0.20/-
  • For every sms your friends receive-100*0.10=rs 10/-
  • For every sms your friends friend receive-100*0.05= rs 5/-.
  • In total you wille arn 0.20+10+5=15.20 rs per sms
Total amount you earn for first time: rs 215.20 /-.
If you receive 3 sms per day then you will earn 3x15.20=45.60 rs per day.
Total amount you will earn every month is 30*45.60= rs 1,368/-
So by having a good no of referrals you can earn around 1000(20$) per month with out doing anything.

Who should join this network ?

I advice all the beginners to stay out of this service as they pay very low. only sign up for this if you have confidence that you can build very good no of referrals. so its up to you. if you have confidence that you can build a good no of referrals, then join this network, otherwise its better to stay out of this.

How to build referrals and invite friends to join mginger ?

After creating your account, In your home page you will find referral links. you can use those referral links and share them with your friends via e-mail and social networking sites like twitter, gooogle plus, etc.
Facebook banned mginger from their site. so you cannot share these referral links in facebook.
There are also publicity banners which you can use them and place them in your blogs or website to build referrals.

Whats the minimum payout thresholed ?

The minimum payout thresholed for mginger is rs 300/-. when ever your earnings reach the mini9mum thresholed, then you will find a button to receive payments. if you click on it then they will send a cheque to you with your earnings up to that time.

How to signup for mginger ?

I again advice you to stay out of this until and unless you are confident of building strong referrals to your account. but if you have build a very good no of referrals to your account then you will earn handsome of money with out doing anything....:)

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  4. great work srinath ji ,But My sugestion is Mginger is not good for earning bcoz i registered 6months back till now i earned 160rs ,but they said that u can earn minimum 9000/- per Month ,For new Bloggers Better to select other affiliate programs to earn money than mginger

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