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5 basic SEO tips for blog beginners.

Hello friends. looking at the importance of SEO in blogging field, i would like to share some basic search engine optimization tips useful for blog beginners. 
These Tips are only for blog beginners and newbie bloggers. if you are a good blogger and SEO expert, please don't read this article.

What is SEO?


SEO means making your blog visible in search engines. SEO is the burning issue of all the bloggers. because every blogger wants to display their blog first in search engines. This can be achieved by a better SEO practice. so now look at these basic search engine optimization tips.

How to get started with SEO ?

Read the below five tips to get started with search engine optimization.

1) Submit your blog/site to search engines:-

Submitting your blog/site to search engines is the starting stage of SEO. By submitting your blog/site to search engines,  your blog/site gets indexed with search engines. In most of the cases blog/site indexing is done automatically. But even though submitting your blog/site manually to search engines is a good SEO practice.

2) Give a proper link to your post:-

Before posting an article, check your post url. Make the post url SEO friendly by placing the keywords related to your post in your link. 
For example if you are posting an article related to blogging tips, Then give the url as yourdomain/blogging_tips.html. 

3) Give a proper Title to your post:-

Page Title is the important aspect in SEO. give a proper title to your post. Your title should clearly indicate the topic of your post. Place some relevant keywords of your post in your post title.

4) Place relevant keywords in your post:-

Keywords are the important aspect in SEO. With out keywords there is nothing in SEO. Place some keywords in your blog post relevant to your topic. Search engines search for keywords in your blog post. So be careful in placing relevant keywords in your post. If you fail to  place keywords, Then everything is waste. you wont have any SEO until you place relevant keywords in your blog post.

5) Build Traffic to your blog:-

Build traffic to your blog to get more SEO. Traffic is needed to every blog. New blogs wont be SEO friendly until they have a good Traffic. So don't get disapointed at beginning. Build traffic to your blog. If you have a good traffic, Then automatically your blog will become SEO friendly. So concentrate on building traffic to your blog.

Hope the above mentioned tips are useful to you. But remember one thing. search engines wont read your articles. Readers go through your articles referred through search engines. so dont write articles to SEO. write articles to readers. keep This point while writing any article. your post should be much friendly to your readers than search engines. so don't dump your post with keywords. write your content matching with your keywords. Good luck.

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27 comments to ''5 basic SEO tips for blog beginners."

  1. Hey ! HI couldn't get the last point. How do traffic affect SEO ?
    And if the blog is not SEOed properly how will it get traffic...

  2. traffic results in aexa and google page rankings. traffic effects on seo. you should build traffic to reduce your alexa ranking. seo depends on alexa rankings. you can build traffic in alternative ways than seo. check my posts on traffic building tips.

  3. hello shanjei. thank you for your comment.

  4. Very usefull Basic Seo tip. If we follow these tips properly hope to get some good results in future for our websites or Blogs...

  5. Thank you very much for giving these use information to make my blog more visible on search engine.this will also help me to improve the rank of my blog on Google page rank.
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  7. Great article.Its really helpful for newbie like me to know the basics of SEO so that it would help me to learn in depth SEO.

  8. @sakun sharma
    Thank you for your comment. subscribe to keep updated.

    @professional seo services
    Yes. these are the basic tips to be followed to get started with search engine optimization. there are more tips which i will share in future. subscribe to keep updated.

    @asif ali
    These tips are used for blog beginners to optimize their blog post. if you follow these tips, then your blog will be SEO friendly. thank you for your comment. subscribe to keep updated.

    @click here for more information
    you are right. SEO helps in exposuring with more traffic. but you should provide quality content to the visitors. thank you for your comment. subscribe to keep updated. When commenting next time try to use your original name or nick name.

    Thank you for your comment. These are the basic tips for SEO. I will post more tutorials on SEO for beginners for optimizing their blog or website. subscribe to keep updated.

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  11. Thanks for the tips. They are very useful and handy

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